Часть 3. Урок № 101.

Прослушайте видео запись несколько раз, затем прочитайте текст на английском языке вслух.

This is the Peak District National Park.
It covers an area of about one thousand five hundred square kilometres in the centre of England.
The government created National Parks in 1949 to protect the environment.
Britain is a small country with a large population.

Это национальный парк "Скалистый край".
Он занимает площадь около тысячи пятисот квадратных километров в центре Англии.
Правительство создало национальные парки в 1949 году для защиты окружающей среды.
Британия -это небольшая страна с большим населением.

Nearly fifty-nine million people live here, seventy-five percent in towns and cities.
The Peak District lies between Manchester and Sheffield and near several other large towns and cities.
A third of the population of Britain can get here in less than an hour.
In fact there are over 22 million visitors every year.

Почти пятьдесят девять миллионов человек живут здесь, семьдесят пять процентов проживают в городах.
"Скалистый край" расположен между Манчестером и Шеффилдом и рядом с несколькими другими крупными городами.
Треть населения Британии может добраться сюда меньше чем за час.
Фактически бывает более 22 миллионов посетителей каждый год.




Expressions + -ing

После следующих выражений глагол заканчивается на -ing:

It's no use / It's no good ...

- It's no use worrying about it. There's nothing you can do.

- It's no good trying to persuade me. You won't succeed.

There's no point in ...

- There's no point in buying a car if you don't want to drive it.

- There was no point in waiting, so we went.

It's (not) worth ...

- My house is only a short walk from here. It's not worth taking a taxi.

- It was so late when we got home, it wasn't worth going to bed.

Говорят:`a book is worth reading/a film is worth seeing' и т.д.

- Do you think this book is worth reading?

- You should go and see the film. It's really worth seeing.

(Have) difficulty ...

- I had difficulty finding a place to live. (а не `to find')

- Did you have any difficulty getting a visa?

- People often have great difficulty reading my writing.

Запомните, говорят `difficulty' (а не `difficulties'):

- I'm sure you'll have no difficulty passing the examination.

Также говорят `(have) difficulty in -ing':

- He's shy. He has difficulty in talking to people he doesn't know well.

A waste of money / time ...

- It's a waste of time reading that book. It's rubbish.

- It's a waste of money buying things you don't need.

Spend / waste (time) ...

- I spent hours trying to repair the clock.

- I waste a lot of time day-dreaming.

Go -ing

Для того, чтобы сказать о каком-либо действии (особенно спортивном) используют go -ing:

go shopping go swimming go skiing go fishing

go climbing go sailing go riding go sightseeing

- How often do you go swimming?

- I'm going skiing next year.

- I have to go shopping this morning.

- I've never been sailing.