Часть 5. Урок № 45.
Прослушайте видео запись несколько раз, затем прочитайте текст на английском языке вслух.

OK. Jane, you go with Matt.
Take the shops on the left.
I'll go with David.
We'll take the shops on the right.
Have you got all the details?
Hi, everyone.
Alison! Oh, hi!

ОК. Джейн, ты идешь с Мэттом.
Берите на себя магазины слева.
Я пойду с Дэвидом.
Мы возьмем на себя магазины справа.
Вы помните (получили) все детали?
Привет, всем.
Элисон! О, привет!

What are you doing?
We're ... erm ...
we're planning our shopping.
OK ...
See you back at the house.
Yeah. Right ... Bye.
Have you got your mobiles?
Good luck.

Что вы делаете?
Мы ... э ...
мы планируем наши покупки.
Хорошо ...
Увидимся дома.
Да. Ладно... Пока.
У вас с собой мобильные?




In, at, on (position) (1)

В этом уроке рассмотрим общие предлоги in, at, on, указывающие место.

(a) In

in a cage in the sea in a quenue

Эти выражения следует запомнить:


in the street in a picture in a station

in the sky in a mirror in a photograph

- I live in Pushkin Street.

- There were a lot of clouds in the sky yesterday.

(b) At

at the window at the table at the top of the hill

Эти выражения следует запомнить:


at the crossing at the traffic lights at a staircase

at lunch (dinner) supper at school/(the) university at the top

- We are pupils of the seventh form at school No. 4.

(c) On

bottles on the blackboard on the hand on a page on the wall

Эти выражения следует запомнить:


on the left on the right on the coast

on the way on a road on a river

on the ground floor on the first floor и т.д.

- Shakespear's native town is on the river Avon.

(d) In,at,on the corner

Мы говорим in the corner of the room, но at the corner (или on the corner) of a street:

- The table is in the corner of the room.

- There is a beautiful house at/on the corner of the street.

(e) In/at/on the front In/at/on the back

Мы говорим 'in the front/in the back of the car':

- She was sitting in the back (of the car) when we crashed.

Мы говорим 'at the front/at the back of a hall/ building/cinema/group of people' и т.д.:

- The piano is at the back of the hall.

Мы говорим 'on the front/on the back of a letter/piece of paper' и т.д.:

- Write your name on the back of this piece of paper.