Часть 5. Урок № 50.
Прослушайте видео запись несколько раз, затем прочитайте текст на английском языке вслух.

What about this one?
That was a holiday in LA.
I had a girlfriend there.
How long, um ...
We were together for about six months.
No, I mean how long did the flight take?
About ten hours.
Ten hours! What did you do for ten hours?
Watched films, ate, slept.
Anyway, your flight's only two hours.
Have you packed yet?
No, I haven't.
It might be a good idea.

Как насчет этого?
Это был отпуск в Лос-Анджелесе.
У меня была подруга там.
Сколько, гм ...
Мы были вместе около шести месяцев.
Нет, я имею в виду сколько занял полет?
Около десяти часов.
Десять часов! Что ты делал десять часов?
Смотрел фильмы, ел, спал.
В любом случае, твой полёт только два часа.
Ты собрался (упаковался) уже?
Это может быть хорошая идея.

Oh, right.
Have you packed everything?
Yes, I have.
Suntan cream?
Your toothbrush?
I've packed everything.
Have you phoned for a taxi yet?
I did it fifteen minutes ago.
That's it.
Well, go on!

О, да.
Ты положил всё?
Крем для загара?
Твоя зубная щетка?
Я взял всё.
Ты вызвал (позвонил) такси же?
Я сделал это пятнадцать минут назад.
Вот и оно.
Ну, вперёд!




Preposition + noun (`by mistake', `on television' etc.)

Студенты часто употребляют неправильные предлоги перед словами данного урока. Поэтому изучите эти примеры тщательно:

to pay BY cheque (однако `to pay IN cash' или `to pay cash'):

- Did you pay by cheque or in cash?

(to do something) BY accident / BY mistake / BY chance:

- We hadn't arranged to meet. We met by chance.

a play BY Shakespeare / a painting BY Rembrandt /

a novel BY Tolstoy и т.д.:

- Have you read any books by Agatha Christie?

(= any books written by Agatha Christie?)

(to be / to fall) IN love WITH someone:

- Have you ever been in love with anyone?

IN (my) opinion:

- In my opinion the film wasn't very good.

(to be) ON fire:

- Look! That car is on fire.

(to be) ON the telephone / ON the phone:

- You can't phone me. I'm not on the phone. (= I haven't got a phone)

- I've never met her but I've spoken to her on the phone.

ON television / ON the radio:

- I didn't watch the match on television. I listened to it on the radio.

(to be / to go) ON a diet:

- I've put on a lot of weight. I'll have to go on a diet.

(to be / to go) ON strike:

- There are no trains today. The railway workers are on strike.

(to be/to go) ON holiday / ON business / ON a trip / ON a tour /

ON an excursion / ON a cruise / ON an expedition etc.

- Tom's away at the moment. He is on holiday in France.

- Did you go to Paris on business or on holiday?

- One day I'd like to go on a world tour.

однако, можно сказать

`go to a place FOR a holiday / FOR my holiday(s)':

- Tom has gone to France for a holiday.

- Where are you going for your holidays this year?

(to go / to come) FOR a walk / FOR a swim / FOR a drink и т.д.:

- She always goes for a walk with her dog in the morning.

- After work we went to a cafe for a drink.

(to have something) FOR breakfast / FOR lunch / FOR dinner:

- What did you have for lunch?