Часть 5. Урок № 56.
Прослушайте видео запись несколько раз, затем прочитайте текст на английском языке вслух.

Is Helen still in bed?
No, she went into town about an hour ago.
Are you just going to Iie there all day?
We could do something, go somewhere.
We could go for a picnic.
What do you think? Matt?
I suppose we could.

Елена еще в постели?
Нет, она ушла в город, около часа назад.
Ты что собираешься лежать весь день?
Мы могли бы что-нибудь сделать, куда-то пойти.
Мы могли бы пойти на пикник.
Что ты думаешь? Мэтт?
Я полагаю, мы могли бы.

We're going to have a picnic.
That's not a bad idea.
I'II make some sandwiches.
I'II give you a hand.
I can take my video camera.
Oh. Have we got anything to drink? Matt?
I'II go and get something.
Come on.

Мы собираемся устроить пикник.
Это не плохая идея.
Я сделаю бутерброды.
Я помогу.
Я могу взять мою видеокамеру.
Да. У нас есть что-нибудь выпить? Мэтт?
Я пойду и куплю что-то.




Verb + Object + preposition (1)

Посмотрите на список конструкций глагол + дополнение + предлог:

accuse someone OF (doing) something:

- Tom accused Ann of being selfish.

- Three students were accused of cheating in the examination.

ask (someone) FOR something:

- I wrote to the company asking them for more information about the job.

однако: `ask (someone) a question' (без предлога)

blame someone/something FOR something:

- Everybody blamed me for the accident.

или blame something ON someone/something:

- Everybody blamed the accident on me.

Также говорят: `(someone is) to blame for something':

- Everybody said that I was to blame for the accident.

borrow something FROM someone:

- I didn't have any money. I had to borrow some from a friend of mine.

charge someone WITH (an offence / a crime):

- Three men have been arrested and charged with robbery.

congratulate someone ON (doing) something:

- When I heard that he had passed his examination,

I phoned him to congratulate him on his success.

divide/cut/split something INTO (две и более части):

- The book is divided into three parts.

- Cut the meat into small pieces before frying it.

do something ABOUT something

(= делать что-то, чтобы улучшить ситуацию):

- The economic situation is getting worse and worse.

The government ought to do something about it.

explain (a problem / a situation / a word и т.д.) TO someone:

- Can you explain this word to me?

(но не `explain me this word')

также: `explain (to someone) that/what/how/why ...'

(запомните порядок слов):

- Let me explain to you what I mean.

invite someone TO (a party / a wedding etc.):

- Have you been invited to any parties recently?

leave (a place) FOR (another place):

- I haven't seen her since she left home for work this morning.

point/aim something AT someone/something:

- Don't point that knife at me! It's dangerous.